Top Free Tools for Facebook Ads

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Hey friends, Rockson from Flobox here. At Flobox we’re obsessed with creating a drag-and-drop platform that allows SMEs to replicate professional advertising strategies (

As a marketer myself, I have a list of free tools which I use on a daily basis to help drive outstanding ROI for my clients. I refer to them fondly as my “secret weapons”.

I have put them into 3 distinct categories: Research, Creatives and Analytics.

If you have other tools and sites that are useful, share it in the comment section with me. I’d love to try them out!


1. Facebook Audience Insight


Audience Insights is an awesome tool to get deeper knowledge on the audience you want to target.

Apart from the general demographics data such as age, location and interests, it gives you more information on areas such as purchase intent and likelihood of purchase. This kind of data is unavailable elsewhere (joking, we’re probably going to build a better, more user friendly version).

2. Facebook Paid Ad Gallery


Adespresso’s Facebook Paid Ad Gallery is awesome if you want to take a sneak peak into the copy/ image of your competitor’s or big brands. It gives you a breakdown of company, industry, objectives and targeting.

I use it to get my creative juices flowing and to look out for what big brands such as Nike are launching.

3. Flobox’s Competitor Analysis Tool (Organic)


We built a little tool to grab all your competitors organic posts. We then grab everything from likes, comments and reactions into a nice Excel spreadsheet for you.

It takes a while to download everything, especially for large pages. Test the tool by typing in “floboxio” and you’ll download our posts. We only have 1 post on our Facebook page so it shouldn’t take long.


1. — Design Tool


Canva is an amazing design tool that allows you to create professional content with drag and drop. No more Photoshop, no more sh*t looking content.

This is my go-to tool when design Facebook Ads. The only thing bad about Canva is that popular icons/ images are usually paid (i.e. pay $1 to use them forever). We have a little work around, check out Logomakr below.

2. Logomakr


Logomakr has literally every single image you could ever dream of. All free. All in one place. It is so awesome.

You can export a few cool looking icons/ images before uploading them to Canva to incorporate them into your new Facebook Ad Design.

3. Foter — Free Stock Photos


Sick of using Google Images? Sick of seeing Ads with Google images or sh*t stock images?

Use Foter. They have 335 million professional, non-cheesy stock images to choose from.

Best of all, it’s free.


1. Facebook Power Editor

If you’re well versed with Facebook Power Editor, use it. Facebook has most of the data and analytics you could want in their dashboard already.

2. Flobox Analytics Dashboard

We’re building a clean, easy to use dashboard for Flobox. We stripped out all the fluff and brought the statistics back to the basics — less is more.



5 Facebook Ad Copies That Will Convert

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Hello friends and family!

Thanks to the awesome response from you guys, I decided to sit down with marketer Rockson Chan and run through all the ways to improve your ad copy. Rockson has worked in marketing consulting, startups and taught Digital Marketing at General Assembly. So yeah. He knows his shit.

Brief Intro

I’m Steve, a university student from UNSW Sydney. With my team, I’m building software which allows marketers to map and execute customer advertising journeys across social media networks through simple drag-and-drop (free Beta, check it out here)

I am also creating a Facebook group for anyone interested in eCommerce and Facebook marketing. Join here.

Previously I’ve written about the top 6 Facebook Ads that suck. Read that before reading the below article.

# 1 The O’Reilly Factor

#2 The Guy Who Loved To Capitalise

#3 Broken Link Saga

#4 Udemy — even large companies can fail

#5 Fix yo URLs

…aaaand that’s it!

If you enjoyed the article, please consider checking out the startup I’m working hard to get out — I’d appreciate any feedback (good or bad — I prefer bad).

Also guys, here is my LinkedIn if you want to connect.

P.S. Here is a link to Top 3 Tips from Advertising Agencies (Facebook)

Much love,


eCommerce Facebook Ads Calculator

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Hey everyone! Steve here, co-founder of (sign up to the free beta to get a surprise at launch:

After writing this article about how to build a Facebook conversion machine, I got emailed a very interesting question:

  • How much should I bid for Facebook clicks?

Great question. Luckily here at, we are a bunch of programmers/ marketers. We spent an hour or so to build this simple calculator for you lucky people. Let me know how I can improve the calculator!

Click here for the calculator.

P.S: I am also creating a Facebook group for anyone interested in eCommerce/ startups and Facebook marketing. Join here.

Enjoy & remember to share if you it helped you!



How to build a conversion monster with Facebook Ads

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Hey all, Steve here from (we do drag and drop advertising for FB and Twitter — check it out:

A question I get a lot is— how do I build a scalable and repeatable process to drive conversions from Facebook ads? I don’t have a huge amount of advertising experience nor a huge email list.

Good question. It really only takes 3 steps and I’ll hold your hand throughout.

P.S: I am also creating a Facebook group for anyone interested in eCommerce/ startups and Facebook marketing. Join here

1. Build a FB Audience

Facebook is cooler than email in the sense that you don’t need your potential customers to commit any information before you target them. You can utilise custom audiences to build your audience. Here are two of my favourite methods:

a) Retargeting Audience.

Everyone knows this little trick already. We can target people who have visited our website through a Facebook pixel. Here is a good guide on how to set it up: Facebook Pixel Guide.

Basically once you’ve set up the pixel, as soon as someone lands on your website, the pixel “fires”. This notifies Facebook and allows you to retarget them later on with Facebook ads.

Why is this awesome?

You can now start targeting people without their email addresses.

b) Engagement Retargeting.

Another way to build a large audience without emails is through Engagement Custom Audience. The one we will explore at the moment are custom audiences through Video Views.

Yup. You can now create audiences of people who watch your videos.

I would recommend setting the Engagement Level to at least people who watch 50% of your videos. This will capture your most engaged audiences and hence the people more likely to buy your product.

2. Turn Audience into Leads

There are two main ways to convert Audience into Leads (a.k.a convert FB audience above into actual emails/ contact details), these methods are: Landing Page and Facebook Lead Ads.

a. Landing Page

The classic landing page is not to be ignored. Set up a Facebook Ad with the objective Website Conversions and point it to your landing page with a freebie (ebook, webinar, free membership etc). After they input their email, redirect them to a Thank-You page. The ads should be targeted to these audiences:

  1. Ad Set #1: Visited Your Website — 30 Days
  2. Ad Set #2: Viewed Your Video — 30 Days

You should also put a pixel in the Thank-You page to track conversions and create these custom audiences:

  1. Visited Opt-in Thank You Page — 30 Days
  2. Visited Opt-in Thank You Page — 180 Days

Lastly, you should exclude 3 &4 from 1&2 to avoid spending advertising dollars on people that you’ve already converted into Leads.

b. Facebook Lead Ads

This is pretty self explanatory. Create a few Facebook Lead Ads and run them to the same 1 & 2 audiences described above.

Similarly, create the two custom audiences below and exclude them from 1 & 2 to avoid double targeting:

  • Opened and Submitted Lead Form — 30 Days
  • Opened and Submitted Lead Form — 90 Days

3. Turn Leads into Sales

By now you’ve fed audiences through the sales funnel and have some high quality leads to play around with. Run ads with the Website Conversions objective with these two audiences:

  • Visited Opt-in Thank You Page — 30 Days
  • Opened and Submitted Lead Form — 30 Days

You’re objective now is to sell them something. Direct them to your products page to shorten the process from click to purchase. For this stage, I recommend optimising for Impressions rather than Conversions. The reason being is that the audience you are now targeting is already validated. There is no need for Facebook to re-validate them.


….and there! Done!

Rinse and repeat.

Much love,


P.S. Don’t forget to run email campaigns on top of this


6 Facebook Ads That Will Hurt Your Brain

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Hello, wonderful people of the internet!

I’m Steve, a university student from UNSW Sydney. With my team, I’m building software which allows marketers to map and execute customer advertising journeys across social media networks through simple drag-and-drop (free Beta, check it out here) as part of a university program.

Through my research, I’ve identified 6 Facebook unsuccessful ad copies that you definitely should not replicate. Hope you enjoy the read.

I’ll write about the top 10 Facebook ad copies that you should replicate in the next article!

Lastly I am also creating a Facebook group for anyone interested in eCommerce and Facebook marketing. Join here.

#1 Who’s O’Reilly?

#2 Do Not Capitalise Everything


#3 Check all your links


#4 Get a decent image and copy


#5 Shorten your description to 1 or 2 lines


#6 Use appropriate URLs


That’s all folks.

Tune in next time for the successful ads that you should replicate.

P.S. Be sure to sign up to our beta here if 1) you are an awesome, supportive person, or 2) you love to create engaging customer advertising journeys.

P.S.S. If you want to learn about the top 3 strategies agencies use for Facebook Advertising click here.

Much love,